RTI Alumni

Christian Green

Christian Green- Wide Receiver Florida State University


"Coach T has helped me alot as a football player and a young man. He taught me to believe in my abilities and take charge of games."

Chaz Green

Chaz Green - Offensive Tackle Dallas Cowboys


"Coach timmons helped me as a football player tremendously. My career sky-rocketed once i started working with him and having him push me throughout highschool."
Jeremi Wilkes

Jeremi Wilkes - Defensive Back University of Syracuse


"Coach T= great coach. I had a chance to play with him as my coach and I can say, not only does he coach up the position well, but he is hands on and will get out there to show you how the technique is supposed to look. Most of all, he is always willing to stay after practice to put in extra work whether it be field work, or conditioning. So if you get a chance to work with Coach T, take advantage of the opportunity!"

Fred Porter Jr.

Fred Porter Jr- Wide Receiver Florida International University


"Coach T helped me realize that hard work will always pay off. Hard work beats talent ANY DAY. If you want something you have to go get it. I was a walk-on guy who was at the bottom of the barrel, who worked my way up to earning a scholarship to starting for my team. That is a testament for hard work. I just thank him for making me realize I had something to prove. And it won't stop here!"

Hank McCloud

Henry McCloud Jr. - Running Back Furman University


"Coach has helped me as a player by instilling in me that there is more to the game of football than just my own overall talent, and that it takes the little things and the mental aspect of the game that will continue to carry me to the highest level of competition. His Coaching style is what any player would want. Coach T provided 100% honesty with all the players either they performed well or they didn't and was not afraid to tell them. Also he is a coach that makes the game fun but at the same time is serious about business and a great teacher that a player will learn from."

D.J. Williams

Doug Williams Jr. - Quaterback Grambling State University


"Coach T helped me to develop at Tampa Catholic as a quarterback. He coached the receivers up on everything which helped me a great deal. He also was a hands on coach that could demonstrate everything he was teaching and that's always a plus."

Rob Jones

Rob Jones - Wide Reciever University of Delaware


 "Coach T helped me sharpen my technique and prepared me for the collegiate level."

Austin Aikens

Austin Aikens- WR Western Kentucky University

"Coach Timmons always pushes me to be the best I can be on and off the field."

Jordan Jones

Jordan Jones - Wide Receiver  Garner Webb


"Coach T has helped me tremendously as a player. He goes above and beyond for all his players and has lived the success on and off the field himself."

Natron Brooks

Natron Brooks- WR Mississippi Valley State University


"Coach T helps me fine tune my game in the offseasons. I appreciate his help. He always pushes me to the limit."

Tyree Holder

Ty Holder- Defensive Back Ball State University 


"I remember back when I met Coach Timmons at the Tampa Bay Storm Football Camp. He said I had a lot of talent and was probably the best individual out there. Coach T also mentioned that if I could just keep working hard, then I would be one of the best."

Chris Lundy

Chris Lundy- DB at University of Mary


A talented CB with alot of speed and quickness. 

Clarence Cotten - Wide Receiver Mississippi Valley State University


"Coach Timmons has truly been a blessing to my career. He taught me how to not only run quicker and better routes but he taught me how to come off the jam versus tight coverage. Coach has taught me numerous things with football and also, about things in life."


Vincent Miller

Vinny Miller II -Wide Receiver University of Cincinnati


Coach told me," The base of your release is your hands, keep them strong!"

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