Academic and Athletic Benefits

 We Offer:


  • A safe and drug/alcohol free environment for student athletes to achieve improvement academically, athletically, psychologically and physically.
  • SAT and ACT prep testing
  • FCAT test preparation
  • Clearinghouse preparation information
  • Year around tutoring in all Core classes
  • Introduction to College atmosphere as a high school student with a summer residential component. (During the summer, there will be a six week regiment of sports training and academic development on a College campus)
  • Provide students access to collegiate athletes and professional athletes for guidance and mentorship.
  • Academic counselors create a scholarship profile for each student, outlining the scholarships that each student is eligible to receive.
  • Provide professional, experienced coaches and resources that these student athletes would not otherwise have access to.


Plan of Operation

 The program will operate according to the established regulations provided by the Director, and will also meet the guidelines of the Florida state benchmarks and the No Child Left Behind Act. No Child Left Behind requires that every public school and every school district make adequate yearly progress towards state proficiency goals. We will enforce the completion of our 5 objectives.

  1. (90%) Academic Improvement – Standardized Test
  2. (90%) Program Retention
  3. (95%) Postsecondary Enrollment
  4. (90%) Postsecondary Persistence
  5. (98%) Athletic Improvement


Contact Us

It is very easy to get in touch with us. Contact us on at or call 813.602.2850

Support Team

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